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An E- Design Consultation breaks down the traditional barriers that have existed between top interior designers and clients, eliminating the need for a high budget or a full-service requirement to gain access to personalized advice, guidance and support from a top home expert.

While e-design can include a virtual meeting or consultation, it is normally geared towards a designer providing a specific set of deliverables, such as a precise mock-ups, room design or layout. At AK Interiors, we believe that our discerning clients, many of whom enjoy the process of putting their spaces together, will derive more value from getting the hard questions answered by a top Expert and then proceeding to execute that knowledge to achieve their design objectives.

Standard consultations are 55 minutes. We also offer a shorter 25-minute consultation option which is perfect for those who just have a couple of questions or specific topics that might not fill an entire 55- minute consultation.

After the initial consultation, we can proceed in creating deliverables, including concept design, 3D designs to show you exactly how your space will look, with shoppable lists to purchase from and use as a reference. Take a look at our Online Design Service for more information. 

55 Minute Consultation- $200

25 Minute Consultation- $150

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