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Our Design Process

We begin our process with a brief phone call to discuss your goals for the project and our general requirements. From there we will set up an Initial Consultation. This meeting is for us to fully evaluate your needs, scope of project and budget. The designer gives you a Space Analysis that describes possibilities, ideas, goals, functionality of the area, and general suggestions. This is also when you and the designer exchange your Visual Dialogue, where you review inspirational photos to build rapport and to mutually understand the desired aesthetic.

In order to make your goals happen, we prepare a written, customized agreement outlining the specific areas for your review and approval. Upon signed agreement and retainer, we schedule a first meeting to start getting down to business. This is when we meet with a contractor, any necessary trades people, analyze architectural drawings, measure your space, and more. This allows us to have a comprehensive base to work from to start creating your design.

AK Interiors begins each project by putting together ideas and schemes consisting of fabrics, paints, and finishes to review with the client so that we can understand your style. Together you and the designer will start selecting furniture items, fabrics, light fixtures, paint colors, wallpaper, plumbing fixtures, tile, and more.

The actualization phase of the project is the most intensive and takes the longest - this phase is not as fun but it’s why you hire us!

Starting off we need to get everything ordered. To do that, we create formal proposals that include each selected item and their details. We require that every item is approved via a proposal so that both the designer and the client are on the same page about each aspect of the design.

Once all items and materials are finalized, our team prepares technical drawings to properly communicate the design intentions in a formal visual format. Technical drawings include, but are not limited to, AutoCAD/Sketchup floorplans, elevations, furniture plans, lighting plans, etc. Technical drawings allow us to evaluate and refine the design and communicate design concepts to industry experts, including contractors, wallpaper installers, painters, electricians, tile installers, carpenters and more.

Throughout the process, the designer is the coordinator of the entire project and oversees everyone involved. Keeping each expert informed properly is a timely process, though is crucial in making sure the project gets finished seamlessly.

The project finalization process includes furniture deliveries, for which our team is present to inspect all purchased items. Once every item is successfully in your home, we style the space with finishing touches, art and accessories. We make sure you are 100% happy with the final design!

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AK Interiors technical drawing examples:

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