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5 Staging Secrets To Separate Your Home From Others (That No One Is Telling You About!)

When you try to sell your car, do you clean it? Do you vacuum it, wipe down the dash, throw the trash away and wash the exterior? Do you take it to the carwash and have them detail it?

How much are you going to get for a used car? Most of us can expect to see under $10,000 for selling used cars. 

How much can you get for your home? Hundreds of thousands of dollars! Why wouldn’t you “detail” it?

It comes as a surprise when people say they can’t afford to stage their home. You really can’t afford NOT to. Your home is probably the biggest asset that you have, why wouldn't you put time and effort in presenting it?

Most Realtors will agree that some level of staging is necessary before listing the home. Most owners know that there are certain things they should do to their house before listing it, but aren’t really sure where to start.

Here are AK Interior's Top 5 list of things to do that no one is telling you!

1. Outlets: Change all of these to white. Buyers tend to pick up on the smallest things. If you have outlets that are brown, or don't match the wall colors, it is time for you to change them for new ones.

2. Paint unfinished areas: This will make the room look bigger, cleaner and will be another one of those things that other people aren’t doing so your listing will stand out more. Make sure everything is clean and dusted in those areas as well.

3. Clean the baseboards: Deep clean everything in your home. This includes the entire home, baseboards, the top of the baseboards where it tends to get dustier and triple check those corners where dust can collect.

4. Restore the grout: Grout on the tile floor gets dirty especially if you have had the same tile for years. If you don’t want to retile, buy yourself a $14 bottle of Polyblend Grout Renew and do it yourself. This won't damage the tile, and will make it look brand new.

5. Paint the front door and buy a new doormat: You want to have the "wow factor" for buyers the moment they come to the front door. A fresh coat of paint on the front door with a clean, brand new doormat will do wonders for the curb appeal. It will say to them that you care about the house and have taken care of it, inside and out.

There are many things that Stagers can do to help you make the best possible impression on potential buyers. These are just a few. To get a custom list for your home or listing, schedule a consultation with me today!

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