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8 Stylish Bathtub Trays That Are Actually Affordable

The bathtub is a happy place for most. It’s where we go when the day is done, and space to unwind and relax. We have created a list of aesthetically pleasing but still affordable bathtub tray options for the bathroom.

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Acrylic tray

For those who like stylish clear accents, this acrylic bathtub tray feels very glam, with stainless steel handles. Load yours up with a diffuser, a cup of tea, and that face mask you’ve been meaning to try.

Buy: ZXMOTO Clear Bathtub Caddy Tray, $49.79 from Amazon

Bamboo tray

Keep all your little luxuries handy with the help of this bamboo tray. Slatted bamboo holds up well against water, and this piece will add an organic touch to your bathroom.

Buy: Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy, $29.00 from Urban Outfitters

Slab-style caddy

If you’re only concerned with having a secure spot for your bubbles and your bestseller, then this slab-style bathtub tray is all you really need. There’s a notch for hanging your wine glass or coupe, and a small perch for holding a tablet, magazine, or book in place.

Buy: Bathtub Tray with Wine Holder and Book Holder, Starting at $39.00 from Etsy

Marble look

Make your bubble bath even more luxurious with the help of this faux marble bathtub tray. It comes in a few different lengths so you can get the perfect fit, and no matter the size, it’ll be way lighter to move than real stone.

Buy: Wooden Grey Marble Effect Bath Rack Caddy, $49.96 from Etsy

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