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How much do Interior Designers Charge in Denver?

An interior design agency can be found in almost any city. All of them will differ in the set of available services and, of course, the price policy. The final amount you as a customer will spend depends very much on your request and the city where the studio operates. Let's consider the pricing policy of an interior design studio company in Denver CO.

What determines the price of interior design studio services?

As we have already mentioned, the final price depends on many factors, not only the services you choose. First of all, it is worth considering the size of the project, the number of rooms, and the complexity of planning. The client's personal request also plays a significant role, estimate what price level of furniture, materials, and other decor elements you can afford.

The next factor that significantly affects the price is the actual designer or group of designers who perform the project. The more experience and the better the specialist's portfolio, the higher his hourly fee or price for services per project will be. In turn, a beginner designer will have a much lower rate. Keep in mind that if your project involves a lot of moving and picking up from location to location, this may incur additional costs. Typically, designers are paid half of their hourly rate for time spent on the road.

Interior Design Studio

In addition to the designer and the size of the project, the policy of the interior design studio also affects the price. For example, larger firms may ask for a higher price for the same project in a smaller one. It is also worth remembering that most studios make a markup on the purchase of decor elements for your project. The final price is also affected by the management fee, which is usually 25% of the cost.

What is included in interior design studio services?

Let's move on to selected services. Each designer and interior design studio company has its own division of project implementation stages and the list of services included in it. Let's look at standard potential stages starting from the beginning.


A regular consultation lasts an hour of the designer's working time, accordingly, its price will depend on the hourly rate. During this time, together with the specialist, you will determine your preferences and expectations, and discuss the budget and deadlines. After the consultation, the designer will start creating rough ideas for the project and offer several options. The cost of this stage ranges from $50 to $250

The main part of the work

Here, the pricing policy will depend on the methods of calculating the designer's salary. There are several options for obtaining the cost of the project - hourly payment, payment for the area of the created interior, and the price depending on the room.

The average cost of services per hour is between $100 and $200. At the same time, lower and much higher rates can be found on the market. Beginner designers charge only $50 per hour, and the cost of the services of a professional in a large firm can reach $450.

If we talk about the calculation of the cost of the project based on the area, then here the average cost varies from $8 to $13 per square meter. This is quite a popular way of determining the final price since it is not necessary to calculate the cost of each service separately.

Interior Design Services in Denver CO

Paying depending on the room for which the design is created is not the most profitable solution, since the price will depend on what type of room it is. The cheapest to design is the bedroom, and the most expensive is usually the living room. If the furniture is included in the price, then the kitchen will be the leader. The average price for decoration alone varies between $599 and $1,499 per room.


We mentioned earlier that each interior design studio has its own level of commission for designer services. Usually, this is a percentage of the specialist's work and a commission for furnishings, contractor management, and materials costs. In each category, the percentage starts at 10% and ends at 45% in expensive studios. According to the cost of the project, an average of 30% of the design firm's commission is added.

What is the average price of Interior Design Services in Denver, CO?

We have discussed the general price policy of the interior design studio, now we can move on to specific locations. The cost of Interior Design Services in Denver, CO is above average in the design services market. If the price for an hour of interior designer work starts at $50, then in Denver you should count on $100-$225 for the initial consultation.

The remaining costs will depend on your preferences and budget, as well as on the popularity of the studio and the professional level of the designer. You can pay either $1,000 or all of $11,999 for the entire project.

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