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How To Decorate a Coffee Table

Your coffee table is created for convenience and style. Here are a few rules to follow to keep your coffee table sparkling!

Step One: Invest in a tray.

Decorative trays are a great start to keeping your coffee table organized and stylish! There are so many great decorative trays out there, each made to fit your individual style.

Step Two: Add height.

The rule of styling coffee tables is using high, medium, and low objects to create a variety of heights. This brings balance to the coffee table.

Step Three: Use books.

Adding books is a great idea. When adding the books to the coffee table make sure they are stacked on top of each other instead of standing. The height variety should come from other objects!

Step Four: Add an organic element.

By organic, we mean adding life to the coffee table! By adding a bouquet or plant, (they can be fake) this brings life to the coffee table.

Step Five: Add Uniqueness.

Adding something unique, something that means to you, or no meaning at all but is a conversation starter is a great option. Finding a beautiful and unique object is the perfect way to bring all of the items on the coffee table together. Balance!

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