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How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

As our population grows, homes are becoming smaller. With a lack of square footage, there is a desire for more space.  But, what do you do when you don’t “have” more space? You make it happen!

1. USE LIGHT PAINT COLORS Light paint colours make a room feel lighter and brighter. Spaces with more light seem to have more space.  Focus on using whites, and neutrals for painting your walls.

2. USE A MONOCHROMATIC COLOUR SCHEME A monochromatic colour scheme uses one color only. However, it allows tints and shades of that color to be incorporated into the design for more sparkle. Using this scheme provides variety without a lot of contrast.  Avoiding contrast is best when trying to make a small room look bigger because contrast defines space and will create the illusion of less space.

3. INCORPORATE MIRRORS Mirrors are great for many reasons. They trick the eye and give the impression of more space by mirroring imagery back at us.  A carefully placed mirror can make a hallway feel longer, make it seem that there is more seating or make it look like there are additional windows in the space.  Mirrors reflect light, and more light equals more space.  

4. CHOOSE SMALL SCALE FURNITURE Smaller furniture pieces will work better to make your small room look bigger by taking up less space and leaving more room to roam. This doesn't mean the style lacks!

5. USE HIDDEN STORAGE Take advantage of hidden storage to store books, blankets, toys, etc.  The fewer items displayed the better.  It is very important to keep a small space tidy so that it doesn’t feel cramped.  To help you achieve this look, ottomans, coffee tables, storage beds and bookcases with doors are great options.  You can take a look at my recent post about ottomans here.

6. USE LARGE SCALE ART When you are choosing art for your small space, pick something large scale and vibrant. The art will draw the eye in and make the rest of the room appear larger.

7. INTRODUCE CROWN MOULDING Crown molding helps to steer the eye upward and creates the illusion of more space. There are so many choices with crown molding, and it doesn't have to be expensive either!

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