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How To Make Your Open House Stand Out

Open houses are so important, and for good reason! They are created to excite and encourage buyers, but a lot goes into creating a good open house experience.

There are a few very important things to remember when hosting an open house. Good lighting, no clutter, good smells, and proper staging.

Good Lighting

Lighting is what brings potential buyers into the property and excites them. Having poor lighting scares buyers, making them worry about potential issues with the house, which further leads to them not being able to picture themselves living in this home.

No Clutter

If you are selling a home that is currently occupied, get rid of the clutter! No potential buyer wants to see your dirty laundry, scattered kids and pet toys, and dirty kitchen. Yes, it is hard to maintain a clean home when you are still living in it, but if you want to sell the home, ditch the dirt!

Good Smells

Having a house that smells fresh or even sweet (like baked goods) is a great way to entice buyers. People are automatically drawn to good smells, but make sure nothing is too strong or specific. Make sure there are not pet or people odors.....

Proper Staging

This is the MOST important step. Having your home showing off it's best self is the key to winning over potential buyers. Make sure your furniture isn't blocking the biggest features of your home, whether that be a fireplace, or beautiful doors or windows. Show them off!

Obviously there is a lot more that goes into staging, including paint selection, proper styling, etc. If you have any questions about how to properly stage your home and get it sell- ready, feel free to reach out to our designer at AK Interiors, she would be more than happy to help! , 720-919-9772

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