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Our Built-In Styling Guide

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Shelf styling is such a fun process, but it also can be challenging. If you’re thinking about updating your bookshelf, or creating a styled shelf for the first time, keep scrolling for some inspiration!

Start Fresh

No matter what kind of shelves we’re styling, we always start by emptying the shelves. That way, we can start over and see everything that we’re working with. A blank start is helpful when styling anything, especially built-ins! Keep in mind the items that are here, What products do you want to be seen first? Is there anything missing? Anything you don’t want to include?

Check your inventory

Once you have cleared everything from your shelves, look at what you already have, and start grouping your objects by size. Doing this makes the process easier once you start styling, and it helps you to see the common thread in your pieces and consider what you may want to add.

Via A Glass Of Bovinio

Add a variety of sizes

Start by using your largest items first to create focal points to style around. Vases, baskets, bowls, art, or other large decor items are perfect for adding substance and visual weight to a built-in. We like to switch between these items so that they don’t stack on top of each other and are not right next to each other, which helps create balance!

Create groups with your smaller items

Start creating groups with our medium and small objects to fill in the spaces that our large pieces don’t occupy. Stacking books, adding in boxes, and pairing two similar elements together are some of our favorite go-to’s. This is also the perfect time to add personal touches like family photos or collected objects to make it your own!

Via Brianna Avenzki


Once you’re happy with the general idea of what you have created, take a step back, and evaluate what you have created! Don’t be afraid to add, take away, or start entirely from scratch if the final product isn’t what you were hoping for. Remember, it takes time to get the best results!

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