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Outdated Decorating Trends To Avoid In 2021, And What To Do Instead

Decorating styles and trends are constantly evolving and changing. Over the pas couple of years, there have been a few overused trends, that are in dire need of a refresh. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading!

Barn Doors

There is absolutely nothing wrong with barn doors, but within the last few years, they became so popular that they were being used in all kinds of inappropriate applications. I have even seen barn doors on bathrooms and bedrooms. These doors are more of room dividers and are not ideal for rooms that require privacy because of the gap around the door due to the hardware. They have gotten a bit more streamlined in recent years, but still not the best choice for private spaces.

What to do instead

Pocket doors! They are classic and timeless and don't limit you to one design style, especially if that aesthetic is not appropriate for the architecture of your home.

Pocket doors tuck away completely into the walls and they can be locked for privacy.

Via High Street Doors

All Gray

Gray is a very versatile color, and both the warm and cool versions are wonderful. It became the safe neutral color option, and then became overused.

What to do instead

Layer on the neutrals. If you are not a big fan of lots of color, choose a layered mix of neutrals instead of just sticking to gray tones. Another great option is to choose a greige (grey-beige) paint color.

Via Gena Aye

Millwork Patterns

Millwork is a classic look in the design world. In my opinion, wall paneling should remain timeless. Nowadays, there are a lot of different geometric patterns that do not make a classic statement.

What to do instead

Use paint to make a modern statement with classic millwork. There are many options for making millwork stand out.

Via In Honor Of Design

All White Kitchens

All white kitchens are very classic, but they have become such a trend within the last few years that it's time to mix things up.

What to do instead

Create a contrast between something in your kitchen. Whether it be a contrasting backsplash or countertop. Make your kitchen island a different color, and make the colors be contrasting.

Via Cedar and Moss

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Thank you so much for reading, leave a comment below on what your favorite idea was!

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