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Should My Kitchen Island Match My Cabinets?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I get asked for kitchen design advice a lot. There are so many decisions when it comes to designing a kitchen, and it can be hard to envision how everything will come together. One question that comes up a lot is “Should I paint my island a different color?” This has been a major kitchen trend and is one that we love. It adds contrast and keeps the space interesting. However, if you are leaning toward keeping everything one color, that’s a classic and timeless look to love as well. Keep reading to see different ways we’ve created contrast with the island, and how we’ve kept things interesting in kitchens painted all one color.

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Contrasting Kitchen

A great option for creating a contrast in your kitchen is to use black and white, or white and wood. The two options are a never failing choice, and will make your kitchen stand out.

Matching Cabinets

If choosing to go the traditional route, the uniform cabinetry allows the countertops and backsplash to be the focus. There is still wiggle room here, as you can paint all of the cabinets a fun color for a more standing-out look.

Sometimes just being able to see an idea that you love helps you realize what you want in your own space. Hope this gives you ideas!

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