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Upcoming Design Trends In 2021

According to the latest reports, the interior design trends in 2021 in store for us will be a progression from what we’ve seen so far. Expect an elaboration on 2020’s biggest talking points. Think along the lines of natural, organic and simple. A celebration of the earth’s raw materials and a subtle use of color to evoke emotions. From statement wallpapers to Instagrammable plants, here are the interior trend shifts to watch.


While the on-trend navy living room has made big waves in the design world, many will agree that it’s not an easy color to execute. Going against the advice of using light colors to open up a space, this trend brings a sense of sophisticated masculinity to a room. It oozes grown-up, expensive luxury. And when working with this hue, the goal is to go all out.

Don’t stop at navy colored paint or wallpaper for your dining room walls, coordinate with matching navy dinner plates and decorative accessories too. As long as you have enough natural light coming in, the color won’t leave you in the dark.

Textured Walls

This year, texture will be the main theme for walls and we’re excited for all the new products that will follow.

According to Milan Design Agenda, nature plays a big part in this story. Stone, marble, wooden beams and wall panels will have their revival. This is definitely one of the most notable interior design trends 2021 will bring. Not only is it ambience-altering, but it’s easy to achieve. Tactile design can be easily translated in a visual way, and our collection of texture wall murals will get the same effect for less.

Minimalist Art

Art that seamlessly blends with interiors is set to be a major trend in 2021 as more homeowners crave a calmer environment.

The minimalist lifestyle, inspired by Scandinavian homes, encourages us to buy things that are useful, beautiful and well-designed. Less is more!

Neutral neutrals

Grey and beige is the color trend that excites us the most for 2021. We all know that grey has been a staple for home design in recent years. But without the right balancing skills, grey can leave your home feeling cold. The alternative, beige, can sometimes be too warm.

Greige works in both cool and warm color schemes, making it the perfect neutral to choose when you want a sense of calm and balance.


Last year we saw organic and natural evolve from just wicker and rattan to natural silk upholsteries, hemp curtains and even cork walls. Raw, untreated woods will make an appearance as well as natural materials like marble, decorated tiles and high-end ceramics.

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