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What does a Virtual Interior Designer Do?

Over the past three years, a large number of professionals have integrated a remote format into their work. Most of the offices of large companies have switched to remote work or a hybrid format. This demand for online employment has led to the rapid development of technologies that allow tasks to be performed virtually as effectively as in the office. Remote work also gave impetus to the development of new types of services, such as online consultations, design, etc.

All these changes did not bypass the sphere of interior design. A large number of specialists not only consult clients remotely but also develop entire virtual projects. A popular service now is the creation of virtual interior design instead of conventional plans and layouts. Let's figure out what it is together.

What is virtual interior design?

Virtual interior design is a way of simulating interior design in an online platform. While working on the project, you interact with the designer virtually, using online meetings and receiving all the necessary materials to your e-mail. Usually, agencies use special platforms that are understandable to ordinary users, where you and a specialist can edit the project in real time. You will also have access to all important documentation, mood boards, drawings, and a list of furniture and other decor items recommended for purchase.

Virtual Interior Design

Designers usually use special software. These computer programs allow you to layer the necessary elements of the design of the room and, subsequently, the decor. Such editors have databases with the necessary furniture and textures, so the designer will not be limited in choice and creativity. For a more personalized result of virtual interior design, specialists often require photos of the room they will be working on, or indicate all clear data on the area of the room, and the location of windows and doors.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual interior design

In general terms, virtual interior design is considered a convenient and modern way of creating design projects. Although even this, at first glance, an ideal option has its drawbacks.


  1. It's fast. It usually takes up to 4 weeks to get the final results. The first models can be expected in two weeks. This timing is because the designer does not need to go to the object and meet with you, and all the work is done online.

  2. It is budget-friendly. Due to the reasons mentioned above, virtual interior design projects are cheaper than the usual services of a design studio.

  3. You are involved in the process. During the implementation of the project virtually, the designer has much more opportunities to involve the client in creating the interior and making changes. This way you can avoid misunderstandings at the initial stages and reach the final result faster.


  1. Expectations VS reality. Although this cannot be avoided when working in an offline format, online creates room for stronger misunderstandings and inconsistencies in expectations. Often programs with simulated rooms create a not-too-realistic picture, accordingly, the final result seems worse.

  2. Difficulty measuring rooms. Of course, each studio provides clear instructions on how to correctly measure the space for which the project is being prepared, but it is not always possible to get it right the first time. Any inaccuracies in measurement will lead to adjustments at best and discrepancies in the final result at worst.

What is included in designer services?

As in a regular agency, the virtual interior design process has several stages, some of which can be ordered independently. Any project begins with a consultation, at this stage the customer gets to know the designer and discusses the main wishes. This stage can be ordered independently of the rest of the project and consulted with a specialist online.

Virtual Interior Designer

When a designer starts work, you receive many materials that arrive in your mail or are stored in the client's account on the chosen platform. First of all, this is a detailed plan of the room with furniture and other objects of decor. As an addition to the main model, the designer provides a mood board with the main ideas used and the aesthetics you have chosen. You will usually work together on this point.

In addition to the usual room plan, most designers offer a detailed 3D model. This service makes cooperation between the client and the specialist easier.

The cost of the project includes several revisions of the results and edits from the side of the order. The client also receives a shopping list with information about all furniture and decor elements with links to stores and prices.

What is the average price of virtual interior design services?

The price for virtual designer services depends on the agency, the professional level of the designer, and the complexity of the project. Average values are difficult to derive, but we will try to provide approximate prices. Usually, the cost of virtual interior design services varies between $500 and $2,500. It will also depend on which of all the possible services of the agency you choose.

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