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What To Expect From Your Interior Design Consultation

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

AK Interiors Design- Denver, Colorado

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The interior design consultation is an opportunity to see your home first hand and start the conceptual process. It’s a time to figure out your wants and needs for the space.

This means that we will take a tour of your home together, discuss what is working for you in each space and what is not. Once we have narrowed down the problem areas to address, we then provide our best ideas.

These ideas may include best ways for space layout, the addition of architectural elements, furnishings, lighting, art, window coverings, and decor pieces. We may also look at online resources to help you visualize what we have in mind.

The next step in the interior design consultation is discussing the budget. Most times clients do not know what their budget should be.

The final step in the design consultation is discussing how we work. We will go over possible challenges like delays, back orders, and damages. We discuss how we can solve them for you. We will also answer any questions you have.

Clients are always encouraged to write down possible questions ahead of the consultation to make sure you are prepared. It may also be helpful to take notes during the meeting to ensure you understand what is being presented since this can be an overwhelming time.


While we may suggest ideas, they are not the actual selections. Good design is about considering the space overall and how each element relates to each other. Its about layering pieces. This often takes some thought and time to develop. This includes pulling fabric and color swatches together or creating a concept board that shows how each piece relates to each other.

Design takes time and an actual design cannot be achieved in a 2 hour consultation. While interior designer/decorators can instinctively stand in a room and feel what it needs, we also can turn that initial concept into something more wonderful if given the time. You deserve our best designs and we need time to make sure those ideas work for you.

There is no physical altering of the space during the design consultation. This means we don’t hang art or re-arrange any furniture. We also do not provide any notes, paint color suggestions, etc.

Lastly, the consultation fee is not applied to the design fee or any future project should you decide to hire us. The paid fees for the consultation is strictly for our time to travel to your home and provide you with expertise. This fee is collected ahead of time (prior to the meeting) to ensure that our focus is on the design work we are there for.

The interior design consultation plays an important part in the design process. It essentially allows you to gain ideas, guidance, resources and expertise to help you make decisions and move towards the next step.

Learn more about our consultations here!

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